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Japan: A Country Study
Major Events in Japanese History
The Japan of Today
Kid's Web
Teaching Kids All About Japan (courtesy of Miss Matronelli)
Mega Mall Japan 
The Emperor & the Imperial Household
Japan Data (CIA Fact Book)
Japanese Manners & Ettiquette
Japanese Customs and Traditions 
Japanese Fairy Tales
Japanese Superstitions
Zen Stories to Tell your Neighbors
National Holidays in Japan
Social Customs
Climate & Population
Japan Photos: Famous Places
Photo Japan
Images of Japan
Famous People in Japan
Japan Quiz
Guide to Living in Japan
Railway Related Information

Food                 Top

Japanese Food Links
Tokyo Food Page
Online Sushi Bar Finder
The World Sushi Guide
Sushi Glossary
Guide to Japanese Restaurants Outside of Japan
Rolling Your Own Sushi
Sake Brewery
Sake Links
Tokyo Wine News
The Tofu Homepage
Soy Products
Popular Japanese Dishes
Noodle Dishes
Japanese Recipes on the Web
Chopsticks Etiquette

Japanese History     Top

Overview of Japanese History
Major Events in Japanese History
National Museum of Japanese History
Schauwecker's Japan Guide: History of Japan
Timeline of Japanese History
Timeline of Japanese History II
Edo Period History
Survey of Major Periods
Japanese History in the time of Musashi (1584-1645)
Japanese History Through Film
Edo-Tokyo Museum 
Ryogoku-Hukagawa Museums
Asuka Historical Museum
Books on Japanese History
History of the Imperial Household
Nara National Cultural Properties Research Institute
Foundation Myth
Samurai Archive
History of the Samurai
Samurai Tour     (sites to visit)
National Japanese American Historical Society

Religion        Top

Shintoism & Buddhism (intro)
All About Shintoism
Shinto Shrines
Schauwecker's Introduction to Japanese Buddhism
Q&A About Buddhism
Buddhism: An Introduction
Shin Buddhism
Intro to Zen Buddhism
Zen Meditation
Schools of Zen Buddhism
Zen Texts

Sports            Top

Sumo Web
The Japan Sumo Association Web Site
Results of Sumo Matches
"Sumo World" Magazine
Sumo Techniques
Judo Information Site
Professional Baseball
High School Baseball
Baseball Stars
J-League(ProfessionalcSoccer , Official Site)
Japan FootballAssociation (Soccer)
Soccer News
Soccer Stars
Martial Arts Links
Golf News
Golf Courses in Japan
Other Sports News
Introduction to Go
Shogi (Japanese Chess)
Kyudo: Archery
Japan Horse Racing Journal

Popular Culture          Top

Japanese Dolls
Viva Japan (excellent intro to popular culture & current fads)

J-Pop on line
Yale Anime Society (extensive)
Rei's Anime & Manga
Anime Soundtracks
Anime Links
History of Anime
Anime Links
A History of Manga
Japanese TV Dorama
J-Pop (popular Music)
History of Karaoke
Tokyo Record Stores
Contemporary Cinema