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Organizational Chart of Official Government Links
Japanese Constitution  [English Translation of the Constitution of Japan]
Prime Minister's Residence
The National Diet of Japan
Japanese Cabinet Members
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Japanese Government Organizations
Japanese Embassies & Consulates
Japanese Supreme Court
National Police Agency
Defense Agency
Ministry of Justice
National Diet Library
Monbusho [Ministry of Science, Education, Sports, and Culture ]
Agency of Industrial Science and Technology
Japan Statistics Bureau
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport
Ministry of Environment
Foreign Policy References
National Center for Science Information Systems
Relations with Countries & Regions
National Agriculture Research Center
National Women's Education Center
Tasuo Sasayama's Homepage (Political Commentary)
Foreign Policy
Research Organizations
JICA - IFIC Home Page( Intl. Cooperation Agency)
Statistical Information
Japanese Law Links
Labor Unions
Consumer Groups
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Poltical Parties (intro)
Political Parties (more)

Political Parties  (Overview)

     LDP(Liberal Democratic Party)
     SDP(Social Democratic Party) --In Japanese
     Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ)
     Liberal League
     New Komeito
     Japanese Communist Party