Music 175



Final Project, Part One:  Movie Analysis

Your assignment is to do a “cultural-based” review of the film.  This is NOT just a recap of the plot (keep that portion to a necessary minimum).  Try, as best you can, to view and comment on the movie from an “internal” perspective.  Discuss aspects of the plot, the setting, acting styles, customs and traditions, music (if applicable),etc., as they pertain to the culture being portrayed.  The idea is to gain some insight into the culture through the movie you choose.  The paper should consist of:  a brief into (introducing the plot) and a discussion of cultural aspects—using specific examples as much as possible.  Look for (and identify) as many of the Japanese Aesthetic Concepts (Text: Page J-10, et. al) as you can find.  Kung-Fu type movies, anime, and similar kinds of movies are very enjoyable, but not appropriate for this assignment.  I will announce other options in class.  Check with me if you have a movie idea.

ANYTHING directed by Akira Kurosawa:  Seven Samurai, Roshomon, Ran, Kagemusha, Ikiru,
               Yojimbo,  High and Low,  etc....

               OTHER DIRECTORS:   Zatoichi, Fireworks, Tanpopo, A Taxing Woman, Mimbo.... and others

A fairly recent movie you may use:  The Last Samurai

Final Project, Part Two:  Shamisen transcription to be discussed in class